Life Unlimited

With Herb Montgomery

Renewed Heart Ministries

Discover powerful and easy secrets that have been proven and are guaranteed to give you the results you want

  • Emotional Healing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Spiritual Fulfillment
  • Mental Development or
  • Financial Freedom   

No matter who you are, you can experience dramatic improvement by learning the same safe, trusted, easy-to-understand, Bible based principles for personal growth that have helped thousands discover the life they’ve always wanted. Stop missing out on the life you could be living. And experience Life Unlimited! 

Seminars are available here (see right) at no charge.  You can listen on your computer or download them to your computer and put them on an MP3 player for FREE.  The right column contains the handouts for that session in PDF format.

CDs or MP3s of the whole series are also available.  Cost is $3.00 per audio CD or $15.00 for the CD with MP3’s of the entire series plus the handouts in PDF format. Send an e-mail to  This will open your mail application.  Simply put your name, address and phone in the provided areas and send it in.  Someone will be in touch with your shortly.

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Presentation and Charts
Who Do You See Handout
Why Did God Allow This To Happen To Me? Handout
Finding Your Center Handout
Freedom From Your Past Handout
Intrinsic Or Imposed Handout
The Awakening Handout
The Secret To Loving Your Life Coming Soon
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Coming Soon Handout
A Pretender Handout
It Is Finished Handout
Chart 1
Chart 2
10-Week Chart 1
10-Week Chart 2
10-Week Chart 3
A Time To Celebrate Handout
Two Pictures Collide Handout
An Eclipse Handout
The Dawning Of A New Day Handout
Light On The Dark Side Of God Handout
Resting In The Embrace Of Love Handout
The Spirit
You Can Be Financially Free Handout